Affordable Housing

Landcom’s commitment to affordable housing

At Landcom, we understand the significance of providing safe, secure, and affordable housing for people and families across the state. 

Suitably priced to accommodate those on low to moderate incomes, affordable rental housing is generally no more than 75% of market rent prices and aims to alleviate the burden of housing costs. 

As an organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of NSW residents, our affordable housing goals define who we are and are at the heart of what we do. With a dedicated affordable housing team, we strive to deliver more affordable housing in metropolitan and regional areas through our projects and partnerships. 

Enabling accessibility and connection 

We know that providing affordable housing is fundamental to enabling people to work and live locally to ensure social and economic sustainability. By offering affordable options, we aim to alleviate the burden of housing costs, allowing individuals to maintain connections with their families and communities. 

We are always innovating, considering factors such as demographics, lifestyle preferences, and individual circumstances to determine how our housing needs grow and shift over time. This way we can continue to meet our state’s significant and growing housing needs. 

Supporting local communities 

Our focus on sustainability and wellbeing in our planning translates to liveable communities that are healthy, inclusive, and vibrant. Affordable housing initiatives contribute to thriving local businesses and services by supporting their workforces and attracting diverse populations to our communities. 

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Delivery of at least 1,800 new affordable homes by 2029

At least 10% new homes in metropolitan projects meeting Landcom’s definition of Affordable Housing

At least 20% new homes in regional projects meeting Landcom’s definition of Affordable Housing

Collaborative housing initiatives

Working closely with local councils, government agencies and other key stakeholders, we’re increasing housing supply and improving affordability to help people work and live locally.  

Partnerships are crucial for Landcom to increase the efficiency of housing delivery and achieve improved outcomes such as diversity and housing types. 

Our approach centres around the principles of community engagement, innovation, and accountability We offer flexible solutions tailored to the identified needs of each local government area. 

Our partnership model promotes collaboration and involvement among councils, as we jointly look at financial viability, model flexibility and project delivery options

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Additionally, local councils also benefit from our existing relationships with Community Housing Providers and Housing Australia in co-designing sustainable and quality housing.  

We invite you to work with us in delivering affordable housing outcomes and addressing the needs of NSW residents. Landcom offers a range of developer opportunities, catering to local councils, Community Housing Providers and more. 

Affordable housing in-action

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In partnership with Link Wentworth Housing, Landcom is co-developing affordable and diverse housing in North Manly. The former Queenscliff Community Health Centre, purchased by Landcom in 2020, will be converted into 37 apartments, including studio, one- and two-bedroom options. Focusing on providing affordable rental housing for women aged 55 and over with affordable rental housing, this co-design initiative demonstrates the principles of adaptive reuse, with Link Wentworth ultimately owning and managing the project.  

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Landcom is working in partnership with Byron Shire Council to redevelop a council-owned car park at 57 Station Street, Mullumbimby, into an affordable housing project. The estimated $14 million development will transform the underutilised site into a vibrant community, delivering 32 affordable housing units catering to individuals and families on low to moderate incomes. The diverse housing mix will include studios as well as one- and two-bedroom units, providing much-needed affordable housing options for the Mullumbimby community. In addition, the development will include approximately 120m2 of commercial space to be used by Byron Shire Council.

Landcom, in partnership with council has carefully determined the parameters and desired objectives for this project, and the tender process is currently underway to select a Community Housing Provider to deliver the 57 Station Street redevelopment. With a targeted completion date of 2027, this project represents Landcom's ongoing commitment to creating livable communities that cater to the diverse needs of residents. 

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