Universal Housing

What is Universal/ Livable Housing?

Universal Housing, also known as Livable Housing, is housing that is designed and built ready to meet the changing needs of residents over their lifetime.

These homes include features that make them safer and more comfortable to use now, and easier and cheaper to adapt later on to meet people’s changing needs over all stages of their life. For example, a step-free entry and bathroom walls that are suited to fixing grab-rails.

Designing and building a Universal home is a cost efficient way to future-proof your home and is significantly cheaper when done up front than retrofitting later.

Universal housing particularly suits:

  • Families with children
  • Multi-generational families
  • People with access issues
  • Rental properties - to minimise moving damage.
Silver Level livable housing example ACT

ACT Suburban Land Agency | Silver Level livable housing

Why are Universal homes great to live in?

Looking to buy a Universal home?

Landcom partners with a number of project home builders who include universal housing options in their range. 

Contact these builders for more information. 

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