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A diverse, affordable and vibrant addition to Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Current as at: August 2023

Planning process

The planning process for the Queenscliff project includes two development applications, covering the following:

  • subdivision of the site into three residential lots, and a fourth lot which is the site of the former Queenscliff health centre.
  • adaptive reuse of the former Queenscliff health centre into affordable and diverse housing.

Both applications were lodged with the Northern Beaches Council, who referred them to the independent Sydney North Planning Panel for assessment. Both applications have now been approved and can be viewed by searching the following numbers on Council’s website.

  • DA/2021/1914 (subdivision development application)
  • DA/2021/1912 (adaptive re-use development application)

Upcoming works

Subject to approval, works to subdivide the site will start towards the end of 2023. These works will include:

  • clearing the existing car park and replacing with topsoil and grass
  • creating a driveway
  • removal of some vegetation (according to approvals) and infrastructure
  • laying sewer pipes.

We will share a further update prior to works starting, including how we’ll manage any impacts such as dust and noise.

Previous community engagement

In November 2020, we offered online meetings for residents to talk with the project team.

The main themes from these discussions were:

  • the number of car parking spaces that would be provided
  • the loss of some trees on site
  • the amount of affordable housing that the project would deliver
  • a better understanding of construction timelines and involvement of the successful Community Housing Provider in future engagement activities.

We thank those residents who participated in these meetings and for their interest in the project.

The project

In partnership with Link Wentworth Housing, Landcom is developing diverse and affordable housing at Queenscliff to meet the needs of the Northern Beaches community.

Formerly home to the Queenscliff Community Health Centre, the site has been at the heart of the local community for more than 40 years, and our project represents an opportunity to build on that legacy and add value by offering new housing and lifestyle options.

The Queenscliff project addresses the need for more affordable housing in a variety of ways, including:

  • adaptive re-use of the current building to enhance sustainability and retain heritage value
  • reserving at least one third of homes for women over 55 and at risk of homelessness
  • providing a diverse range of homes integrate into the local neighbourhood and build on its character.
NorthManly 17a Aug2020 A3

Corner of Pittwater Road and Lakeside Crescent, North Manly

Project area

4,000m² site

Affordable housing

Diverse housing makes neighbourhoods more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

The Queenscliff project will provide:

· 31 studio apartments

· 4 x one-bedroom apartments

· 2 x two-bedroom apartments.

A minimum of 12 (32%) homes will be delivered as Affordable Rental Housing for women over 55 and at risk of homelessness, through our partnership with Link Wentworth.

A further 13 (35%) homes may also be available as Affordable Housing if grant applications made by Link Wentworth are successful.

If you’d like to know more about our approach to delivering more affordable and diverse homes, view our Housing Policy Brochure.

Newbrook mother child at playground
Local council area

Northern Beaches Council

Proposed homes

Approximately 37 homes, comprising a combination of studios, one- and two-bedroom units

Design & Sustainability

Adaptive re-use of the building will:

  • celebrate its architectural significance
  • reduce the environmental impacts of construction
  • reduce cost of living for residents
  • reduce ongoing building management costs.

Retaining the distinct character of the site and the surrounding amenities has been central to the design process.

FRONT ENTRY HERO with tree 1300

Indicative artist's impression, subject to change and approvals

The legacy lives on

d2 39047h
Artists impression of Queenscliff



Maintaining the local character of the neighbourhood is central to the design of this project. The adaptive re-use of the building respects the original 1970s architecture and design and provides new housing for the community.

Affordable housing is not cheap or poor in its quality and design. Well planned affordable housing is close to transport, education and employment and has easy access to shops, services, and green and safe public open spaces.

Affordable housing is designated for those on very low, low, and moderate household incomes. It is priced (whether mortgage repayments or rent) so these households can meet their other essential living costs.

Those seeking housing affordability include workers who provide essential services within the community, such as nurses, paramedics, police, child-care workers and retail staff.

The Queenscliff development will include a mixture of studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. A minimum of 12 (32%) homes will be delivered as Affordable Rental Housing for women over 55 and at risk of homelessness, through our partnership with Link Wentworth.

A further 12 (32%) homes may also be available as Affordable Housing if grant applications made by Link Wentworth are successful.

Diverse housing is good for the community. A greater diversity of housing allows older people to downsize, younger people to enter the property market, and key workers providing essential services who may not earn sufficient income to afford housing in the Northern Beaches.

The Northern Beaches currently offers few affordable housing options. The Queenscliff project will increase that offering to benefit the local community.

CHPs build and manage safe and affordable homes available to tenants on very low, low, and moderate household incomes. CHPs focus on housing that is environmentally sustainable, requires less maintenance, and reduces living costs for residents.

In NSW, CHPs own or manage more than 51,000 properties.

The NSW Government’s Housing 2041 Strategy outlines the need for a strategic partnership between Government and the community housing sector to meet the housing needs of NSW.

Link Wentworth will manage future tenancies in the Queenscliff development. They aim to promote successful and sustainable tenancies and will choose tenants who are best suited to the property and local area.

Single women aged 55 and over are the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians.

40% of single retired women live in poverty and the number of older homeless women in Australia increased by more than 30% between the last two censuses.

Without a home, older women are also denied the benefit of home care, neglect which can result in escalated care needs as they age.

The gender pay gap also sees many women earning less than men.

The Queenscliff project will comply with the parking requirements set out in the planning process.

The site’s proximity to regular and well serviced public transport ensures residents will have a range of mobility choices.

In keeping with the cycling culture of the Northern Beaches and its access to cycleways, the site will also provide bike racks for residents.

In addition, we are exploring strategies to reduce the current park-and-ride activity that is occurring around Lakeside Crescent and Palm Avenue.

Landcom is aware the site and surrounding area are flood-prone. During the 1 in 100 year storm event of March 2022 water did not reach the ground floor level of the former Queenscliff Community Health Centre, which is identified in Council flood maps as ‘medium risk’ while many surrounding properties are identified as ‘high risk’.

Through the planning process we have considered the site’s opportunities and constraints, including risk of flooding, with a range of technical investigations carried out to ensure planned development is appropriate. Design features to help manage flooding and prevent water entering the redeveloped community health centre building include:

  • installing flood walls within the landscape areas with openings for access as needed
  • installing flood barriers across access openings as appropriate
  • installing flood doors on any external doors which are not otherwise protected.

Link Wentworth, which is committed to promoting successful and sustainable tenancies, will also ensure that future tenants are best supported during any flood event. They will take into consideration any physical impairments or access needs of potential tenants to ensure they would be able to respond effectively during a flood event either independently or with support from a flood warden.


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If you require the services of an interpreter, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask them to call Landcom on 02 9841 8600. The interpreter will then assist you with the translation.

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