Speaking Up

Landcom is committed to a culture that encourages people to speak up about issues or conduct that concern them. When you see or suspect that something isn’t quite right, we encourage you to report it as soon as possible.

The Speak Up Hotline is a way for customers, members of the public, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and Landcom staff to report their concerns about actual or suspected wrongdoing, unethical or illegal conduct or issues that may be concerning or impacting them, our customers or Landcom itself.

Public officials (which includes Landcom staff as well as entities or people providing services or exercising functions on behalf of Landcom) can make a report about serious wrongdoing using the Speaking Up Integrity Hotline. Under the new Public Interest Disclosure Act 2022, these reports can be considered a public interest disclosure or PID, because Landcom has nominated Core Integrity as a disclosure officer. For more information about the categories of serious wrongdoing, how to make a PID and the protections against detrimental actions you will be entitled to if your report if a PID, please see the Public Interest Disclosures Policy.

To ensure Landcom handles any PIDs in accordance with the legislation and Landcom’s Public Interest Disclosures Policy, Landcom arranged for MinterEllison to deliver face to face public interest disclosures training to Landcom’s Board and Executive Committee in January 2024. This training will ensure that both the Board and Executive Committee understand their responsibilities as disclosure officers under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 and Landcom’s Public Interest Disclosures Policy.

If you want, you can remain anonymous when making a report. All reports are treated in the strictest of confidence and are referred to the appropriate area within Landcom by the Core Integrity team for review and action as appropriate.

You can make a report using one of the channels below which suits you best.

Reporting channel:

If you wish to follow up on the status or progress of an existing report, or wish to provide more information, you can access your report here. Simply use the QR code or click on the link and you will be taken to Core Integrity’s secure reporting platform where all you need to do is enter your Report ID and your password to access your report.



Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to Landcom when wanting to report an issue or concern. The Speak Up Integrity Hotline provides an additional avenue, external to the organisation, for people to speak up, to feel safe and to have their report and identity treated in confidence. All reports are treated in the strictest confidence and will remain anonymous if you want (see below for further detail).

We know that, at times, people may not feel comfortable raising an issue in person or with those who they work with. Because of this, the Speak Up Integrity Hotline is independently managed by our integrity partners, Core Integrity.

The team from Core Integrity are trained to deal with complex and sensitive disclosure issues. The Speak Up Integrity Hotline provides you with a number of secure reporting channels. It also enables you to speak to a trained expert to raise an issue or concern early whilst having your confidentiality or identity (should you choose) protected.

The Speak Up Integrity Hotline enables you to speak up and report a wide range of concerns or issues. Common issues may include fraud, theft, bribery and corruption, breaches of policy, conflicts of interest, modern slavery, bullying and harassment – to name a few.

You should also refer to Landcom’s Public Interest Disclosure and Internal Reporting Policy, Staff Code of Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct and any other policies that may cover some of these issues. 

Yes. the Speak Up Integrity Hotline program uses the latest in secure, anonymous two-way communications so you don’t have to provide your name or other details if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

After the team at Core Integrity finish taking down all the details of your report and assisting you to gain access to your report via their secure online platform, they will prepare a detailed Summary Report.

Both your online report and the detailed Summary Report will be referred to the appropriate person within Landcom to review, and where appropriate, investigate or take further action. You are encouraged to retain your Report ID and password and monitor progress of your report. Should you wish to follow up on the status of your report, ask a question or provide further information, you are encouraged to do this via the secure online reporting platform. 

Depending on the information provided and the nature of the report, Landcom will review the report in detail and consider the most appropriate course of action. Landcom will also consider whether there is any other information available and its internal policies when formulating a response to appropriately respond to and/or resolve the matter.

Sometimes it may be appropriate to commence an investigation. The investigation may be undertaken either internally or outsourced to a suitably qualified and experienced investigator. Every report is difference and not all reports require an investigation.

Landcom may also use the information from multiple reports to identify common themes, trends and issues occurring across the organisation. Landcom may also use this information to support ongoing training and welfare initiatives.

All reports received by the Speak Up Integrity Hotline are treated in the strictest of confidence. The information you provide, will be treated in confidence and only shared with the select people within Landcom responsible for reviewing and receiving such matters. Importantly, your identity and the information you supply will only be shared with us or others with your consent. 

If you wish to remain anonymous you may do so. But, even if you remain anonymous, we encourage you to make your report via Core Integrity’s secure online platform which allows you to monitor progress of your report. 

In some circumstances either Core Integrity or Landcom may be required by law to share the details of your report, such as in mandatory reporting circumstances. In these circumstances you will be advised of this at the time of either making your report to Core Integrity or by a member of Landcom who has been assigned your report for further review and action. 

If you don’t feel comfortable in providing your details and information in these circumstances, you should advise the Core Integrity team. 

All reports received via the Speak Up Integrity Hotline are recorded in Core Integrity’s secure online platform. Regardless of which channel you use, you will be given a unique Report ID and password that enables you to directly access your report at any time. You are encouraged to retain your Report ID and password so you can login and check on the status and progress of your report.

Core Integrity’s secure online platform enables you to engage in secure, two-way communications with the Core Integrity team and the staff at Landcom who have been assigned to your report. This secure two-way communication is perfect for asking questions, receiving updates and even providing more information about your report. 

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