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When you buy into a Landcom community, you’re investing in a better life.

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At Landcom, it’s our ambition to provide the people of NSW with access to affordable, diverse and sustainable new housing. Our philosophy is simple – create great places for people.

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Landcom communities are designed to support people to thrive, whilst improving our environment and creating a legacy of sustainable and resilient places for future generations.

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We talk with a range of government departments and agencies, plus Community Housing Providers and the private and not-for-profit sectors, to ensure we’re delivering housing and communities that create lasting social and economic benefits for the people of NSW.

History and experience

We’ve been helping shape the face of NSW since 1976, by unlocking much-needed land for new housing. This has allowed us to deliver more than 220 projects and 100,000 homes. 

Establishing strong relationships with our industry partners and other stakeholders supports our delivery of innovative and award-winning housing projects. 

With successful projects right across Sydney, and an increasing presence in the regional areas of NSW, Landcom continues to set a benchmark for liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and sustainability. 

Many Landcom purchasers come back again and again to experience the Landcom difference in our communities. 

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projects delivered
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since 1976

47 years

Helping shape the face of NSW since 1976

Housing affordability

We’re dedicated to providing opportunities for safe, secure and affordable housing across the state.

Our focus on sustainability and wellbeing in our planning translates to communities that are healthy and inclusive and vibrant . Delivering liveable communities also supports the productivity of our local and NSW economies.

We are always innovating, considering factors such as demographics, lifestyle preferences, and individual circumstances to determine how our housing needs grow and shift over time, so we can continue to meet our state’s significant and growing housing needs.

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Want to know more about buying land with Landcom?

How to buy land with Landcom


Buying from Landcom

It’s simple – we design communities with people in mind. So when you purchase with Landcom, you’re buying much more than a vacant block of land, you’re buying into a masterplanned community – somewhere you will be proud to call home. Visit our project overview page to see all our projects.

Fill out the Register your interest form and select which project you are interested in.

Talk to Landcom sales consultants, who will be happy to help.

All Landcom estates are ‘masterplanned’ developments. Masterplanning is a process that takes place from the beginning of a project to ensure that the original vision for your community is ultimately realised and includes consideration of all the land's physical, environmental and social factors. Masterplans can include provision for parks, play areas, shops, schools, streets and transport.

Design Guidelines set the standard for your neighbourhood's visual appeal, amenity and sustainability. They can help you choose a home that best suits your land, be energy efficient, and protect its value by upholding the same high quality in your area.

Landcom design guidelines often include simple building and landscaping criteria which we encourage you to follow when you build your home in one of our estates. When applied at a neighbourhood level, design guidelines positively influence the overall design and appearance of the buildings and surrounding areas within your estate. In other words, they promote neighbourhoods that work together with the environment – neighbourhoods that your family can enjoy for many years.

We’re committed to creating better communities by promoting good urban design and environmentally responsible development. We aim to develop attractive and functional neighbourhoods that you and your family will enjoy well into the future. Our design guidelines are there to help protect the value of your neighbourhood and your home while also being environmentally friendly. In some instances, Landcom will offer rebates to residents who comply with our guidelines (refer to FAQs for ‘rebates, bonuses, first home buyers grant & land tax’).

You should check the provisions in the contract of sale and refer to the Design Guidelines for your estate.

The contract for sale of land and Design Guidelines for your estate usually specify whether or not you can erect a Colorbond fence.

The NSW Government has introduced compulsory minimum guidelines, including requirements governing water and energy use in new homes, to improve their design and longer term sustainability. BASIX is a building sustainability index that supports the guidelines. These guidelines apply to all new residential developments in NSW. Your builder or designer will help you manage this process to ensure your home complies.

Developing land can be a complicated and long process. The time it takes will depend on which stage of the development process you are talking about as well as many other factors that may be outside our control, such as the weather.

Ask your solicitor to contact the Landcom Legal Department on (02) 9841 8600.

Cheques must be made out to Landcom.

Absolutely, once your land has been registered and you have gotten all the necessary approvals from authorities.

Landcom is generally not in the business of leasing property.

Rebates, bonuses, first home buyers grant & land tax

In some estates, Landcom may provide a ‘landscape rebate’ in the form of a cash payment to encourage the completion of design, landscaping and energy efficient measures in a timely way. The amount of the rebate varies and is advertised at the time land in the estate is released for sale. The conditions to be eligible for a rebate payment are in your contract for the sale of land.

The processing time will vary from claim to claim, but we try to pay as soon as possible after we receive your application (generally once all work is completed). Note that there is a time limit on claiming most rebates.

If you have bought a block of land from Landcom where a rebate system applies, you should speak to the sales consultant who you dealt with for the purchase.

You should contact the Office of State Revenue  , the state agency responsible for administering the first home-owners grant.

Land tax is administered through the Office of State Revenue.

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